About Our Firm

Our Mission

To create equitable societies by uniting our expertise with mission-minded organizations and together, empower businesses and professionals in the BIPOC and underserved populations with the skills and resources they need to launch, thrive, and achieve long-term sustainability.

Couple working at a small retail food restaurant. They look like they are the small business owners. Both are ethnic and are working at the counter, happy and smiling.

Global Entrepreneurship Business Lab (GEBL) is a social impact consulting firm. We build inclusive entrepreneurship programs, provide business coaching and workforce consulting in Michigan, across the United States, and in emerging economies worldwide to help communities thrive and empower their people.

We partner with economic development organizations, government, the public sector, higher education institutions and social equity agencies to create and implement inclusive entrepreneurship and workforce empowerment programs. Our programming is thoughtfully designed to cultivate diversity and forge pathways toward race equity, social and economic justice for communities and businesses.

What Makes Our Firm Unique?

Deep-Rooted Experience

We believe it is crucial for business coaches who work with diverse populations to have lived experience and are a representation of historically underrepresented groups (HUGS). Therefore, our coaches not only represent the groups they serve but have deep-rooted professional DE&I experience, train from an inclusion lens, and are locally and globally skilled in providing technical assistance.

Always Improving

Our team of experienced consultants takes great care in every project, large or small, from grant writing, strategic planning, curriculum and program development,1:1  business coaching, group training, project budgeting and reporting, and more –  whether you need all of our boutique of services or just a part, you can be rest assured that you will get the results you seek.

Commitment to Results

We only accept projects we believe in that will make a difference in creating meaningful results and are not just a check off in a box. Our approach, programs and processes result in people and communities to feel more liberated and empowered – we only work with clients who are on a similar path, are authentic and intentional in forging change toward the right direction through an inclusive and equitable approach.

We work with mission-minded organizations who believe in developing intentional initiatives and programs to cultivate a diverse, equitable, and inclusive entrepreneurial business community and workforce.

Whether your agency has an existing program or would like assistance in creating a customized program that fits your mission, metrics, and vision, we are here to help.

We also offer private and confidential executive coaching options for self-funded businesses who would like to acquire consulting services directly to ignite your business to the next stage. Please review our Executive Coaching options and complete our inquiry form if you'd like to request a complimentary 20 min discovery session.

Mixed race woman working in clothes shop looking to camera

"I attended one of Millie's speaking engagements and left feeling inspired by her story, as well as the powerful tools she shared. I've experienced many presentations in my career, and Millie's is one of the most impactful I've had the pleasure of experiencing. Millie has a gift for empowering leaders and I recommend her for anyone seeking an authentic, empowering speaker."


Kimberly Coots

Leadership & Success Coach
Fractional Integrator

"Every time I meet with Millie, I can more clearly visualize my next business development steps. She is patient and pays great attention to detail, and she helps me identify gaps that I may not have been previously aware of. Thanks to Millie's support, I am going from being a small start-up to a growth and development phase."


Katiuska Molina-Luna

Executive Coaching Client

"I saw Millie speak at several engagements and worked with some of the same clients from the SBDC. In addition to being extremely knowledgeable about small business and entrepreneurship, Millie is always well-spoken, kind, patient, and simply inspirational."


Iris Czygan

The Entrepreneurship Center
Washtenaw Community College