Workforce Empowerment

Japanese business owners, getting ready to open their food truck business.

For returning citizens, veterans, immigrants, international students, persons of color and those in underrepresented groups, we help those who are income constrained through a step-by-step approach from the starting point of seeking employment, landing an interview, to maintaining the position they may receive.

For second-stage professionals who may be seeking to level up their position or in-between jobs, we provide consulting on how to improve their chances of being hired, scale their careers and find meaningful work.

"I attended one of Millie's speaking engagements and left feeling inspired by her story, as well as the powerful tools she shared. I've experienced many presentations in my career, and Millie's is one of the most impactful I've had the pleasure of experiencing. Millie has a gift for empowering leaders and I recommend her for anyone seeking an authentic, empowering speaker."


Kimberly Coots

Leadership & Success Coach
Fractional Integrator

"Every time I meet with Millie, I can more clearly visualize my next business development steps. She is patient and pays great attention to detail, and she helps me identify gaps that I may not have been previously aware of. Thanks to Millie's support, I am going from being a small start-up to a growth and development phase."


Katiuska Molina-Luna

Executive Coaching Client

"I saw Millie speak at several engagements and worked with some of the same clients from the SBDC. In addition to being extremely knowledgeable about small business and entrepreneurship, Millie is always well-spoken, kind, patient, and simply inspirational."


Iris Czygan

The Entrepreneurship Center
Washtenaw Community College

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