Entrepreneurship Training

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Whether your program needs one course or an entire curriculum like our A.C.C.E.R.S program (see below), we design customized virtual-live interactive group training or in-person training for entrepreneurs to launch or grow their businesses. 

Our one-on-one coaching uniquely caters to each individual through a holistic approach, considering their background, culture, history, and specific needs.

Coaching areas include business plan development, financial advising, loan & grant preparation, and many more growth needs for underrepresented small businesses.

A.C.C.E.R.S™ Our Signature Coaching Model



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Our signature business coaching model and technical assistance is built on helping diverse small businesses to achieve ACCERS™. Our ACCERS™ program consist of business plan development, accessing funding opportunities, financial management, legal matters, business growth strategies and creating sustainability through a high touch holistic approach.

We believe it is crucial for business coaches who work with diverse populations to have lived experience and be a representation of historically underrepresented groups (HUGS).

Therefore, our coaches not only represent the groups they serve but have deep-rooted professional DE&I experience, train from an inclusion lens, and are locally and globally skilled in providing technical assistance.

With the convenience of an in-house legal team, our licensed business attorneys provide guidance on business entity formation, contracts, and other legal matters.

Our experienced finance, bookkeeping, and accounting personnel provide relevant and practical advice on managing numbers.

"Millie Chu is a true expert in the fields of entrepreneurship and innovation and a delight to work with! Her materials were excellent. Her sessions were dynamic, engaging, and highly informative. I would definitely work with Millie again!"


Amy Gillett

Vice President, Education
William Davidson Institute
University of Michigan

"I was immediately impressed by Ms. Chu's ability to connect with entrepreneurs, assess their needs, and locate real resources to assist with their small business journey. She is a true champion for small businesses and inspires me daily to go above and beyond to create an inclusive environment that allows every entrepreneur to thrive!"


LeTasha Peebles

Entrepreneurial Technology Program Manager
Michigan Economic Development Corporation

"The services they provide are phenomenal, reliable, and have continuously been noted as the most helpful portion of the program by participants. We can’t imagine receiving business coaching services from anyone else."


Bob Trezise

President & CEO
Lansing Economic Area Partnership

Topics for Cohort Training, Entrepreneurship Workshops, and Keynote Presentations

Whether you need several courses developed and delivered over a span of several weeks, or a one-time/one-day workshop, we specialize in the following topics and more. Please contact us to inquire on additional topics and availability.

Writing a Business Plan

Market Research and Market Analysis

Financials: Loans and Grants

Bookkeeping, Compliance, Tools & Systems

Legal and Tax Issues: Business Entities, Contracts & Tax Obligations

Marketing Management

Social Media and Online Marketing

Human Resources: Hiring, Interviewing & Leadership

Creating a social impact business

How to Provide Consulting to Diverse Clientele that Empowers

Cultivating a Growth Mindset

Identifying Barriers to Personal and Professional Growth